NEWS - Consultation Update

  • Posted on: 10 November 2017
  • By: admin

June, 2017 marked the beginning of official Lesser Slave Lake Regional Forest Management Plan consultation between the Companies and the 15 Government of Alberta (GoA)-directed First Nation and Métis Settlement communities. A Project Introduction package was delivered to each community that included an introductory letter, a consultation process description, a detailed Plain Language Information Package (including an overview map), a copy of the Terms of Reference, and a copy of the GoA consultation requirement letter the Companies received. The delivery of this introductory package initiated the use of Record of Consultation (ROC) logs for each community. ROC Logs are a GoA- mandated method of recording all contact, concerns, issues, and responses between the Companies and the communities. Every two months, the ROC logs are reviewed for accuracy between the two parties, then submitted to the GoA. At the end of the consultation process (at submission of the plan), the ROC logs must be approved by the GoA.

Consultation is ongoing between the Companies and the communities and meetings have begun. The next major package deliveries will include the Values-Objectives-Indicators-Targets, the Spatial Harvest Sequence, and the draft completed plan.