Collaborative Forest Management for the Slave Lake Region

The Lesser Slave Lake Regional Forest Management Plan is a roadmap for forest use and sustainability in the Slave Lake region. The plan is due for submission in 2020 and approval in 2021, and will apply to the region for the following ten years. Slave Lake area forest products companies are jointly developing the plan, creating shared goals, standards, and objectives. The success of the plan and the strength of these objectives depends on public input. The companies welcome and are seeking public input into the plan. Together, we can create a sustainable, multi-purpose forest in the Slave Lake region.

Plan Timelines and Progress


NEWS - Engagement Opportunities

  • Posted on: 7 May 2019
  • By: admin

Looking for information on forestry practices in your area? We're coming to your commmunity and we want to hear from you! This month we have open houses in Smith (May 21, 2019), Slave Lake (May 22, 2019), High Prairie (May 23, 2019), Calling Lake (May 27, 2019), and Wabasca (May 28, 2019).